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Brooke's Bold and The Beautiful Page

Hello everyone, I'm Brooke. I created this page because I'm a true fan of the TV show Bold and the Beautiful! Here is some information about me: I was there from the very beginning, watching the very first show. I have been watching ever since. I love Ridge the best! I have watched over 3 thousand episodes, so I can say I'm a true fan. If you are a fan like me, add my page to your favorites by pressing CTRL - D on your keyboard at the same time. Then you can find this page again in your favorites to go exploring and learn more about the show and the stars!

I want to thank you and all of the visitors who have come to my web page! I really appreciate you taking the time! I am proud so many Americans have visited and also want to thank all of the visitors from other countries around the world...
Cast from The Bold and The Beautiful
This page is dedicated to Bold and Beautiful fans everywhere!

Bold and Beautiful Photo Album

I have saved all the best places to learn more about my favorite show. There are so many wonderful places about the Bold and the Beautiful on the web! The best sites about the show are listed below:

Links to Bold and Beautiful Web Sites

Updates and Official Web Sites

World of The Bold and The Beautiful (the best page for updates)
CBS Television - Home of the Bold and Beautiful
The Bold and the Beautiful Official Fan Club
B & B Online
The Bold and Beautiful Fans Online

Humorous and Fun Bold and Beautiful Web Sites

Mr Smartypants' sassy commentary on B&B
Elina's The Bold and the Beautiful
The Bold & the Beautiful Fun Site

Ridge Web Sites

Ronn Moss Picture Gallery
Helena's Unofficial Ronn Moss Page

Brooke (and anti-Brooke) Web Sites

The Brooke Logan Fansite
Brooke Logan Forester Website
The Bold and The Beautiful´s Brooke Logan
Opportunist Brooke
The I Hate Brooke Website
Brooke's house
Brooke Logan Forrester Fan Page

Taylor Web Sites

Hunter Tylo Page
Hunter Tylo Online
Anti Hunter Tylo Page

Bold and Beautiful Couples Web Sites

Ridge and Brooke - The Super Couple
Ridge and Taylor - An Everlasting Love
Taylor and Ridge Club
Amber and Deacon Forever
Brooke and Thorne - The Internet Spin-Off
Brooke and Thorne's Haven
Bobbie Eakes and Jeff Trachta Page
Bold and The Beautiful Treasure of Memories
The Rick and Kimberly Page

Great Bold and Beautiful Web Sites

Asli's B&B Fanfictions Page
Mallisa's Bold and Beautiful page
Sara's B&B Website
Anki´s B&B Picture Paradise
A Day In the Life Of a B&B Character
Bold and The Beautiful Past Episodes (Café Locale)
Monique's Bold and the Beautiful Fansite
Dani’s B&B Site - Love Conquers All
The Bold & The Beautiful Poll Page
Forrester Creations
The Bold-L Web Page and the Bold-L Mailing List
Media Domain's The Bold & The Beautiful Discussion Page
The Bold and Beautiful (on Brooke's Soap Page)
The B&B Treasure of Memories
Insomnia Bold and Beautiful Page

Other Bold and Beautiful Star's Web Sites

Unofficial Lindsay Price Page
The World of Sally Spectra
Eric Forrester on the web
Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester) Fan Page
Bobbie Eakes Online
A&A's Bobbie & Jeff Site
Pernil's site for Jeff Trachta
Tribute To Kimberlin Brown (Shelia)
Helena’s Unofficial Kimberlin Brown Fan Site
Bobbie and Jeff Fan Page
Barbara Crampton Online
Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore) Gallery
The Official Andrea Evans Web Site
A & A's Newssite 4 Daniel McVicar
Sean Kanan Online (Deacon)
CJ Garrison - Loved Forever
The Unofficial Justin Torkildsen (Rick) Fan Page
John McCook (Eric) Fan Page

International Bold and Beautiful Web Sites

Trois’ Bold and The Beautiful Fanpage
UK Bold and the Beautiful Page
The Bold and The Beautiful Indian Fan Page
Andi's Austrian B&B Page
Finnish B&B site - Kauniit Ja Rohkeat (not in English)
The Bold and beautiful page (updates several years behind US)
Bold and Beautiful Cast Galleries
Auli's The Bold And The Beautiful Page
Ruth's Bold and Beautiful Page (In German)
Italian site dedicated to B&B
Top Models (the French title for B&B)

Links to Other Soap Opera Web Sites

Soap Opera Digest
Soap Opera Discussion Groups
The Bold & The Beautiful Chatroom and Message Forum

*** NEW *** Bold and Beautiful Web Sites

High Style: A Bold and Beautiful Website
Rick and Amber Online
Unforgetable, A Ridge and Brooke Dedication

These links were good when I last checked! I hope they are still working for you!

I am so excited with what I found! They are full of stuff to read & look at. Come back to my page because I will add more B&B links when I find them. I am so thrilled by what I am finding. I am so excited I'm like a kid in a candy store. It's like a dream come true for a real Bold and The Beautiful fan like me. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Brooke Speaks Out!

This section covers Brooke's own opinions and suggestions for the Bold and The Beautiful

1)I hope Bridget and Brooke can mend their relationship after the terrible thing that Deacon did to them Wow-wee,hon, this is gonna take awhile!

2) I can't beleive that Brooke and Taylor really got shot! I have watched that scene over and over again (luckily I caught it on tape). I couldn't be more horrified that it happened, but you have to admit - that is thrilling television!

3) Shelia may be in jail now, but knowing her she will find a way to slip out of this and start to cause havoc for the Forresters again. Do you think so, sweetie?

4) It's been great watching Stephanie take care of Brooke and her new baby, Hope. But that will change when she discovers that Brooke and Eric are becoming an item again. Take my word on this one, you know that I haven't been wrong yet!

5) I'm sorry that the writers at B&B decided to kill off Taylor. She was an important part of the show and she will be missed greatly. Any chance she will ever return? We'll see... what do you think, dear?

6) WOW- I CAN'T BELEIVE THAT ERIC IS NOT RIDGE'S FATHER...finding this out after all of these years is really SHOCKING!! I wonder how long it will take Ridge to find out that Mossimo is his real father. That will take the wind out of his sails!

7) It will be interesting to see who Ridge ends up dating in the future now that Taylor is gone and Brooke seems intent on Eric as her next target. I wonder if Ridge will return to his playboy ways of the eighties? What will he do next?!?

8) I want to know if Amber will again have a hit with her Ambrosia line, or will it bomb? Only time will tell hon!

9) I'm glad that Erica is being written out of the show - she was starting to get on my nerves. She was becoming a trouble maker and home wrecker. Now that her mom Shelia is in jail, she should go live with James (her Dad). Who knows how long it will take for that to happen?!?

10) Now that Taylor is gone, I'm thinking that Ridge should probably give the Spectras back their fashion business. Do you agree, or should he be greedy and keep the business for himself?

11) It's a shame that they haven't been using Thorne and Kristen in the story lines more - you hardly see them anymore - what's up with that? Maybe they will make a come back to help fill the hole left by Taylor's death!

Results of Brooke's B&B Polls

Who is the sexiest man on Bold and The Beautiful? (4281 people responding)

36% - Deacon

34% - Ridge

14% - Thorne

8% - Rick

4% - Eric

3% - Clarke

Who is the sexiest woman on Bold and The Beautiful? (2007 people responding)

41% - Brooke

33% - Taylor

11% - Kimberly

6% - Amber

5% - Stephanie

4% - Becky

Who should Ridge spend his romantic time with? (1185 people responding)

57% - Brooke

34% - Taylor

4% - Morgan

4% - Ridge (keep to himself)

Who is the meanest and most despicable person on Bold and Beautiful? (301 people responding)

29% - Stephanie

29% - Morgan

24% - Kimberly

7% - Clarke

6% - C.J.

6% - Sally

Who should get custody of little Eric? (410 people responding)

43% - Amber

23% - The Forresters

12% - His Grandparents

11% - Deacon

10% - The Spectras

Thanks to everyone for your opinions!

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