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Brooke's Bold and The Beautiful Page

Hello everyone, I'm Brooke. I would like to show you my picture, but I'm just a beginner. On the internet, that is ;)! Maybe some day. Please support my page by clicking on one of my sponsor's links (at the very bottom of this page). Thanks a bunch! I created this page because I'm a true fan of the show Bold and the Beautiful! If you are too, bookmark this page now by pressing Ctrl + D so that you can find it again. This bookmark won't work on AOL - you'll have to write the name down, it is: - I have saved all the best places to learn more about my favorite show. There are so many wonderful places about the Bold and the Beautiful on the web. Here is some more information about me: I was there from the very beginning, watching the very first show when it started. I have been watching ever since. My favorite charachter is Ridge :). I have watched over 3 thousand episodes, so I can say I'm a true fan.
The best places to find out about the show are listed below (scroll down)

Cast from The Bold and The Beautiful

This page is dedicated to Bold and Beautiful fans everywhere!

Bold and Beautiful Web Links
CBS Daytime - the Home of B&B
World of The Bold and The Beautiful (The Best Page I've found)
Ronn Moss Biography Page
Ronn Moss Picture Gallery
Ronn Moss - Picture Gallery Site 2
Helena's Unofficial Ronn Moss Page
The Bold and The Beautiful´s Brooke Logan
Brooke's house
The Brooke Logan Fansite
Opportunist Brooke
The Ridge and Brooke Fan Page
Brooke Logan Forester Website
Katherine Kelly Lang Page
Misha's Hunter Tylo Website
Mr Smartypants' sassy commentary on B&B
Unofficial Lindsay Price Page
Hunter Tylo Online
Eric Forrester on the web
The Bobbie Eakes Fan Page
Bobbie Eakes Online
Official Jacob Young Page
Bold & the Beautiful
Bold and the Beautiful
Helena’s Unofficial Kimberlin Brown Fan Site
The Bold & The Beautiful Poll Page
The Bold and the Beautiful Cast
Forrester Creations
Bobbie and Jeff Fan Page
Hunter Tylo Page
UK Bold and the Beautiful Page
Joanne’s Bold and The Beautiful Australian Fan Page
Dan McVicar page
The Bold and the Beautiful Fact Sheet
Maria's B&B Homepage
The Nitpicker News - The Bold and the Beautiful
Andi's Austrian B&B Page
A Flemish B&B Fan Page
The Bold and beautiful page (updates several years behind US)
Bold and The Beautiful Past Episodes (Café Locale)
Monique's Bold and the Beautiful Fansite
Ridge and Taylor- An Everlasting Love
Adriano's The Bold and the Beautiful website
Dani’s B&B Site - Love Conquers All
Trois’ Bold and The Beautiful Fanpage
The Bold and the Beautiful Official Fan Club
Asli's The Bold And The Beautiful Funsite
Bold and the Beautiful by Vanessa Smith
The Bold and the Beautiful in the City of Angels and Devils
The Bold-L Web Page and the Bold-L Mailing List
The Bold and The Beautiful Online
Mary's B&B Page
Patrick's B&B Seattle Webpage
Media Domain's The Bold & The Beautiful Discussion Page
Bold & The Beautiful Message Board
The Bold and The Beautiful Indian Fan Page
Soap Opera Digest

Links were good on September 11, 1999. To submit another B&B site, please contact me:

I am so excited with what I found. They are full of stuff to read & look at. Come back to my page because I will add more B&B links when I find them. I am so thrilled by what I am finding. I am so excited I'm like a kid in a candy store. It's like a dream come true for a real Bold and The Beautiful fan like me. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Brooke Speaks Out!

This section covers Brooke's opinions, ideas, and suggestions for the Bold and The Beautiful.

1) I'm telling you hon, Rick should leave Amber for Kimberly.

2) Becky really needs to get her baby back from that witch Amber.

3) Thorne and Brooke should give love a try. Maybe Ridge will see what he is missing!

4) Myles should poop or get off the pot and marry Sally again.

5) The show should be a FULL HOUR!!

6) More Ridge and Brooke! They haven't been shown enough lately.

Tenth Anniversary B&B book
This tenth anniversary book is no longer available in bookstores. Click to locate it through

Click to order the book on audio tape (still available)

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